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Leatherhead Loft Conversion


Having a loft conversion in your Leatherhead home could be a great way to create extra living space in your house. However, not all Leatherhead properties will be suitable for a loft conversion, so it’s important to find out whether yours is, or whether the amount of work needed would make the cost and inconvenience prohibitive. Here are some factors a professional Leatherhead loft conversion company will consider when advising you on how a loft conversion might work for you:

Type of structure

There are different kinds of roof structures commonly used in UK homes, and some of these lend themselves more easily to a Leatherhead loft conversion than others. Generally, pre-1960s roofs are more suitable for conversion, and more recent homes may require more structural work to make the roof space ready for a loft conversion.

Roof pitch and head height

Generally, there needs to be a useable area with a head height of 2.2 metres for a successful Leatherhead loft conversion. If the pitch angle is high, this normally makes for a

higher head height, and dormers can be added to increase the floor area in your loft conversion. It’s often possible to raise your roof to allow for a Leatherhead loft conversion, but obviously this will increase the cost of the project.

Any obstacles

Some roof spaces house things like water tanks or chimney stacks, and these can be obstacles to a straightforward Leatherhead loft conversion. That doesn’t mean you can’t convert your loft – there may just be more work involved.

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