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GRP fibreglass roofing Horsham

It’s unfortunate that flat roofs carry a sense of stigma about them, as many Horsham home owners believe they’re unreliable, prone to leaking and costly to continually maintain. While this is true of some roofing, problems with your flat roof often stem from them being laid or installed incorrectly and not being properly maintained. However, you can avoid this problem by choosing GRP fibreglass roofing for your Horsham flat roof.

These are some of the main benefits of choosing GRP fibreglass roofing for your Horsham property:

No maintenance: Horsham GRP fibreglass roofing can keep your flat roof watertight for decades, with no need for any repairs or maintenance.

Cost-effective: while Horsham GRP fibreglass roofing may be more expensive to install than a traditional felt roof, it will last for many more years without the need for maintenance and repairs. This can make it a cheaper option over time.

Boost the value of your property: if you’re planning to sell your Horsham home, having GRP fibreglass roofing will mean your potential buyers need have no concerns about maintaining and repairing the flat roof. This can make your property easier to sell and many even mean you get a better price for it.

Other practical properties: GRP fibreglass roofing doesn’t just keep your Horsham home watertight. It has a non-slip finish, meaning it can be used on surfaces where grip is required, such as balconies and walkways.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in having a GRP fibreglass roofing installed, you’ll no doubt have many questions for your roofer. When you contact a roofer to get a quote, be sure to ask all the questions you have and to check they’re experienced and skilled in laying GRP fibreglass roofing.


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