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Leadwork is a common feature on many roofs of older properties across the Wentworth area. Most frequently used on historic properties, such as churches, lead is a very durable and versatile roofing material, which also lends an attractive appearance to older buildings.

These properties mean that lead has been enjoying something of a renaissance on more modern properties too in recent years. There are many Wentworth roofers who have the skills and expertise necessary to repair, replace and install leadwork on roofs. Therefore if you require leadwork on your roof, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a Wentworth roofer who can help.

Uses for leadwork

Lead can provide the following features on a roof:

  • chimney flashings and step flashings
  • weatherings to parapets and cornices
  • lead cladding
  • cavity trays
  • gutter linings
  • whole sheet lead roofs
  • dormer windows
  • bay windows
  • features such as domes and spires
  • and much more.

Check your Wentworth roofer knows what they’re doing

It’s vital that any Wentworth roofer who’s working with lead is appropriately qualified and skilled in the task. Leadwork requires specific skills, and so you should always check that your Wentworth roofer is carried out to the highest standards and conforms to the most up-to-date industry requirements.

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