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Traditional felt flat roofing Virginia Water

Replacing a traditional flat felt roof in Virginia Water is generally a cheaper option than installing a new GRP fibreglass or EPDM rubber roof. However, if you’ve engaged a local traditional felt flat roofing contractor to replace your roof, you’ll still want to know how much the work will cost.

How much does traditional felt flat roofing cost?

The cost of a traditional felt flat roof will depend on a range of factors, including the following:

  • quality of materials, trims and finish to be used
  • how accessible your Virginia Water flat roof is and whether any specialist equipment, such as scaffolding, will be needed
  • the size of your roof – a larger area will cost more but may be cheaper per square metre than a very small Virginia Water flat roof, due to the time and manpower considerations involved
  • the time taken.

With this in mind, it’s difficult to give an approximate figure for the cost of traditional felt flat roofing at your Virginia Water home. However, it’s probably wise to budget at least £50 per square metre, and more if the boards underneath are damaged. While this represents a significant cost, it’s still cheaper per square metre than the alternatives. To get an exact figure for how much the traditional felt flat roofing on your home will cost, contact a Virginia Water roofing contractor for a quote.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in having a traditional felt flat roof installed, you’ll no doubt have many questions for your roofer. When you contact a roofer to get a quote, be sure to ask all the questions you have and to check they’re experienced and skilled in laying roofing.

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