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Traditional felt flat roofing Leatherhead

If you need to replace the traditional felt flat roofing of your Leatherhead home, you may be keen to understand the process by which this is done. It’s always best to engage the services of a professional Leatherhead traditional felt flat roofing contractor, in order to be sure the work is carried out properly.

Your Leatherhead roofing contractor will broadly follow these steps to install your new traditional felt flat roofing:

1. Preparing the flat roof surface to receive its new traditional felt flat roofing by removing all the existing layers of felt, nails and underlay

2. Laying one or two layers of underlay

3. Creating any gutter drips that might be necessary – this could be required if you have limited guttering and other opportunities for rainwater to run off

4. Edging the felting and covering with flashing as needed

5. Applying adhesive to any seams in the roof, to make sure they are waterproof

6. Perhaps applying some solar paint which will reflect the sun and prolong the lifespan of your traditional felt flat roofing.

As you can see, laying traditional felt flat roofing on a Leatherhead property is a very involved and skilled task. While it’s theoretically possible for you to carry out the work yourself, you’re likely to have the job completed more quickly and to a much higher standard by employing a professional Leatherhead traditional felt flat roofing contractor.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in having a traditional felt flat roof installed, you’ll no doubt have many questions for your roofer. When you contact a roofer to get a quote, be sure to ask all the questions you have and to check they’re experienced and skilled in laying roofing.

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