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Flat roofs can be a particular headache for any Horsham home owner, as they’re traditionally prone to weaknesses and failure. However, any good Horsham roofer should be able to tell you about the benefits of using GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) for your flat roof, which can save you money and headaches.

Benefits of choosing a GRP roof

There are many benefits to choosing a GRP roof, including the following:

  • it doesn’t have the same points of weakness, such as seams and joints, as a traditional felt flat roof
  • it can keep your flat roof watertight for decades without needing any repairs or maintenance, saving you time and money
  • there are fewer maintenance costs, making it a good option if you rent a property out
  • it could make your property easier to sell, as your buyers won’t worry about future maintenance costs of the flat roof
  • it has a non-slip finish, so can also be used for the surfaces of balconies and external walkways
  • your Horsham roofer may offer you a guarantee on your GRP roof
  • it can be laid quickly and efficiently by a skilled Horsham roofer

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in having a GRP flat roof installed, you’ll no doubt have many questions for your Horsham roofer. When you contact a Horsham roofer to get a quote, be sure to ask all the questions you have and to check they’re experienced and skilled in laying GRP roofing.

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